Aaron Taylor Johnson’s post for wife Sam Taylor Johnson on her birthday

“There’s really no one I know quite like you” yeah CLEARLY when you got groomed and got her pregnant as an 18yo, when she was a fully grown woman, married (later divorced) AND with a kid at 42, like Aaron baby you don’t know any better than that 😭😭😭

This is not an unpopular opinion, but I can’ help but feel disgusted about his marriage. He was still a kid and already with a baby on the way + playing stepfather with the child of her 42 year old wife. I don’t know what the relationship with his parents is like but all I know is if my son ever comes home telling me he’s getting married and having a kid with someone +20years older than him… yeah I’m throwing hands.

On the other hand, I HATE that she’s directing the Amy Winehouse movie because is just another cashgrab opportunity for Amy’s asshole dad. I’m a big fan and it makes me sad seeing that Amy wont ever truly rest in peace after all she went through 💔

What do you think?

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