Now and Then (1995) LGBT character?

Firstly I love this movie and I could talk about it forever so please talk about it in the comments 🩵

Secondly I just read something where Rosie O’Donnell (adult Roberta) said she had intended for her character to be gay but all the scenes were cut out of the movie. It kinda surprised me, I always saw Demi Moore’s (Sam) as LGBT? She struggles with intimacy, is the only one to never show interest in a boy (as a teenager) and literally shows up to see her friends wearing a three piece suit, oval tinted glasses and had her hair in two plaits pinned up (I know this was probably a style in the 90s but still lol)
(Also I always thought her and Teeny looked like they were dressed like a bride and groom in their first scene lol and I wouldn’t have been surprised if something happened with them considering how their friendship was a focal point of the movie)

What do you think?

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